These boys adore their sister!
These boys adore their sister!

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For awhile now, I have quietly prayed about whether or not I might  share our story with others than just those closest to us.  I am very much a private person, so I have struggled with what/how much information I wanted to be known.  It’s scary to  put my thoughts into words even for me sometimes, so it’s even scarier to share that with others.  However, I wanted a place that I could chronicle events about Lindsay’s life that I will have forever.  I look forward to being able to access this journal years from now to see just how far God has brought her.  I am honored to have you join us as we navigate this journey with our precious girl one day at a time!

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  1. Thank you Laura fo this blog and the many you will write. We continue to pray for you and everyone who is helping care for Lindsay. Prayers are what got us through (and continue to get us through) the challenges with TJ. Also being blessed by you and other family and friends who love unconditionally.

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