Happy fourth birthday to my favorite girl!  We spent this past weekend celebrating Lindsay, and I think she has enjoyed every minute.  I’ve sung “Happy Birthday” to her countless times, and she laughs every time! Today, on her actual birthday, she gets to go to physical therapy and speech, followed by a haircut.  This will just be a short and sweet post, celebrating the girl that brings us all so much joy!


We had Lindsay’s party on Saturday, and I really think she enjoyed being the center of attention!  This is the first year where she seemed to enjoy playing with her toys, and, of course, eating the paper as Cason helped her open her gifts! 😉  Her precious teacher even took the time out of her weekend to come to her party. (Have I mentioned before how much we love her ?!)


I’m not exactly sure why, but every year when we sing to Lindsay, I make it through about two words before the tears come.  Just hearing the chorus of family and friends singing to her, brings back a flood of emotions all at once.  I am reminded of how precious life is. I acknowledge just how far she has come, at her own pace. I look around and take in all of the people that are rooting for her.  These people have celebrated every milestone with us, they have hurt for us, cried with us, and most importantly, prayed for us. One of the best parts is watching my boys get more excited to celebrate Lindsay than they do for their own birthdays.  Cason really takes seriously helping me plan and decorate.  He is proud of his sister, and he loves to stand beside her.  Carter loves to point out everything to Lindsay, and he tells me exactly what she loves to play with the most.  On Saturday, when everyone was singing to her, he held up her hands at the end as if she had just won a marathon.  He was so excited for her, and it reminded me that she will always have people to cheer her on, through big or small accomplishments.


We chose a “Finding Dory” theme for Lindsay’s party for several reasons.  One, it was the first movie we were brave enough to take Lindsay to see!  Secondly, I loved the fact that Dory had a “disability” of her own.  She had “short-term memory loss”, and spent much of the movie trying to remember places she had been, while looking for her parents.  I loved that she had friends with her along the way, doing whatever it took to help her.  The motto of the movie was: “Just keep swimming!”  We have sort of adopted that idea into our family, as we continue to take things one day at a time.  The boys even changed the words for Lindsay, to “Just keep scooting!” 😉  (She does a little “army” crawl across the floor to get to wherever she wants to be, so the boys started chanting that one day as she scooted!)


While I was already feeling a little emotional at her party, my mom came up to me and showed me a couple of verses she had looked up earlier that morning.  She told me she had been praying on the way to the party for God to show her what she needed to see that day.  A minute or two after she had prayed these words, she was behind a car on the road that had two verses listed on a sticker.  Curious, she looked up the verses, and read the words from Mark 2:11-12. “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”


These verses immediately gave me hope that one day, Lindsay will, too, “take up her mat,” and walk.  (You can tell me differently, and doctors can tell me differently, but I won’t believe you! ;-))

Thank you, for supporting us,  praying for us, holding our arms up in victory when we need to celebrate, and for loving us, and loving Lindsay.

Happy fourth birthday to the best thing that has happened to our family.  To God be the glory.

Until next time…